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Introducing the Latest Sophisticated Cars Without Steemhunt



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Comfort and versatile facilities are the main objectives of automotive manufacturers to spoil all of their customers. Through Junming Wang, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering and Director of the Vehicle Systems and Control Laboratory at Ohio State. He managed to find a new concept of a future dream car without complicated.

That is not using a machine and changing gear (transmission) at all. At first glance, the car named Extra Terrestial Vehicle or ETV is similar to the performance of Mobil Matic, but the difference is certainly very clear. This car is completely devoid of engines, and there are only three steering components, namely the gas pedal, brakes and steering wheel.

For its own driving force, each rim is equipped with its own motorbike battery, as a substitute for the engine and this car is also equipped with a computer chip to monitor the work function of the wheel so as to ensure that the car runs smoothly.

This chip will function automatically after getting



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Hi @aguess,

Thanks for your hunt but sadly enough I can not approve it because:

  1. Product title is wrong
  2. Short description doesn’t make sense
  3. We accept only English product links
  4. Blog listicles are not valid product links, they’re articles not products
  5. The hunt’s description reads like a translation or a copy from a news announcement/academic paper - yet I can not find the source right now.

You might change the name lol

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