English Listening and Speaking - Everything You Need To Learn English

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English Listening and Speaking

Everything You Need To Learn English



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Learning English language is one of the major need of today's world because English used in every business and every field of life. English Listening and Speaking is an app which is very helpful to learn English language it start from very basic level to a professional level.
This app consist short stories, essay, articles which contain English words which are very common in daily life. The app
also allow to listen for better understanding.

key Features

Thousands of English conversations and stories with audios and completed transcripts.
Common idioms and phrasal verbs in daily conversations.
Essay for IELTS.
Irregular verbs table with audio supported.

English Pronunciation.
Names and surnames pronunciation.
Hundreds of listening tests that improve both your listening and vocabulary abilities.
Sentence Building Game.
Vocabulary Building Game.




Hunter: @afzaal4


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This app is really useful for everyone who wants to speak and learn English. I think everyone should try this app. One of the best app for people who wants to advance in English.

I have installed this app on my smartphone right after boosting your hunt. This is mindblowing, literally a complete package of learning English. I always make a collection of English learning tutorials on my phone which is handy. Cool App

As we all know English is a universal language so almost every country put effort on teaching English to their students. Although there are some who can't excel well in the class, so they can learn at their own through this app.


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Bless heavens,... I have been looking for an English tutor but now I don't need anymore, my joy is it fact that it supports Android. You might be wondering why I need an English tutor, I am preparing for Test of English here is my country and it looks like English has gotten harder so I am taking my time to learn more. Thanks for this

English is the universal language and we can not imagine our modern life without English. I think this app will assist a great in learning English. Mostly this app will be suitable for non-native English country. As a Bangladeshi, I can fell the importance of this app. I hope it will be very helpful who really learn English.
Excellent hunt indeed. @afzaal4 Thanks for your excellent hunt. Keep it up.

It is very useful app for people who are trying to improve their communication skills. It really helps me to improve my english specially in speaking and listening.

While English is the universal language that makes people understand each other across the globe, many still struggle to communicate properly. In some countries, being able to speak English is seen as elite or high profile.

This English learning app will be a great help specially to non-English speaking countries. What is more exciting about this app is that it has creative ways of learning like stories and audio option, not just the typical read-on-your-own style.

This is great for people who need to learn English and can help them to listen and speak more fluently. Great for all English learners. Thanks for the share and hunt.

The app helped me a lot. I used to have some problems with my English speaking and listening, but now, I had improved a lot. If anyone want to improve your language this the best way.

As English is an international language and needed almost every where in the world, therefore this app is so good to learn English like professionals. Great hunt.

Learning English is one of the important conditions that must be done if you want to compete in the world. Like making a post in Steemhunt, we have to write it in English. This application can help us learn English.

great app
the app very useful and we can learn everywhere if you have free time. it make me improve english skills, and then i can travel everywhere i want. thanks

An app to help you explore the world. This app not only teach you how to speak write and understand English but it helps you to understand the different cultures, people.

Thanks for sharing @afzaal4

Very nice way to take English language step by step many features and so many ways to learn ..... one of my favorite hunts thanks a lot happy sunday

For our recent life we need to learn english .And for learn english this will help lot for practice or learn english.
we know we need to talk with many people using english language .your hunt help lot for those people who know want learn english

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English is not my native language and I always look for new ways to improve my vocabulary. With this app I can speak English more fluently.

Also, I like that it has lessons divided into many levels from elementary to intermediate and advanced. And this is great for me. Thanks.

Have a great day!


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