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Smart Mirror






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Meet Shezmirror Smart Skincare Mirror the dream of all women.
This mirror analyzes the skin condition up to pimples and wrinkles as well as providing solutions to solve the skin problems. It also comes with a bluetooth speaker to your time in front of the mirror entertaining.

A short video of it features



Hunter: @afifa

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Hey there I'm happy to approve this post but first can you please update the name of the product as "Shezmirror" as that is the actual name. It seems you've switched the name and tagline ;)


Done dear, Thanks for your support


aah a little hiccup- we need the changes to be made inside of steemhunt - if they're changed on your steemit blog the changes dont effect steemhunt- you can get back to your post easily by clicking here:

and then here to edit

Thanks @afifa !


Understood 😁😀