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Buy Gold Like it



Hunter's comment

Tamasia is a place to buy gold that is easy to use. Tamasia can be our business place. Where when the gold price falls we can easily buy it starting from IDR 10K.

Tamasia is also present in the Play Store, making it easier for us to transact in just one hand.

If you want to make gold bars, you can order them directly at Tamasia. As explained in the Tamasia App that they can print gold pieces ranging from 1 gram to 100 grams. All gold prints in Tamasia are molded from Precious Metals from Antam with a pure gold content of 999.9.

Tamasia can also share gold with other members through gold transfers. For those of you who want to join and download Tamasia, please use this reference code VQCIDH to get 0.1gr gold or 56K IDR worth. If you don't use the reference code then you don't get the 0.1 gr bonus.

For those who want to get ready to get married, what are you waiting for, please use the app and buy gold, start liking you. Good luck.




Hunter: @adygek


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