Sleep Away - Sleep management app with white music for easy restful sleep

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Sleep Away

Sleep management app with white music for easy restful sleep


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It's basically a sleep management application that provides two main functions, it manage your sleep and also allows you to listen to white music pretty cool.

So this app'll calculate you sleep cycles and you can either set your alarm to wake up feeling well rested if you choose to go to sleep in that moment or you can even set a reminder to go to a bed at a certain time.

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It also has one of my favorite options which allows you to take a power nap which is useful coz sometime you need that in order get to that last stretch of the day the power nap whether it's 15 minutes or 30 minutes can make a huge impact.

While you resting you can listen to white noise now it has many sounds that you can listen to as you fall asleep such as rain or campfire.


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I love listening to music in the night as it enables me to sleep comfortably, we all need a lullaby for a good sleep.. Nice hunt man


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