RELIFE - World's First Replaceable Battery Generator

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World's First Replaceable Battery Generator



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Replaceable Battery, 1000W 100-240V AC2, QC USB5, PD USB-C2, Wireless Charge2, Worldwide Free Shipping


It’s basically a portable power system that is capable of charging all of your devices and much more. It has AC outlets along with usb output and it also has usb type-c input and output so this thing can be charged via usb type c or with the included charger attached on the back of this generator.

In addition this generator is also capable to charge your devices wirelessly on top of that it has a swap-able battery. Overall it is small enough to fit in the back of a van the back of a car underneath the seat in the trunk it's small enough to be out of the way and it's powerful enough to get you through days upon days without having to worry about power for your devices.


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With it’s replaceable battery pack, the RELIFE promises to be a versatile power source.
Interesting Hunt. @adnanrabbani
Thank you! 🙏

What I like most about this replaceable battery generator is that it can be carried along with you anywhere you go and help not to worry about power for your devices.

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