MPRO - More Durable Electric Scooter

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More Durable Electric Scooter

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This electric scooter offers 30 miles of range on a single recharge and use a swap-able battery tech called the topswap. Developers claim that Mpro is more durable by most models offers by competitors

It has build in lock mechanism front fork suspension for a smoother ride and a 2 stage braking system for increase rider safety.

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Scooters are great for travelling short distances and it also helps to reduce the traffic on roads. This is a perfect electric scooter for those who are looking for a mode of transportation to work or school. Build with stronger materials and it has a good mileage for single charge.

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My sister loves scooter and also my niece, we also have a scooter but a small and cheap one. Is this available worldwide?


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