Epic Hat - Record and share media on the level of your eyes

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Epic Hat

Record and share media on the level of your eyes



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This is a baseball cap with build in pin hole camera at the front now the camera supports 1080p videos and 12 Mp photos with a 120 degree wide angle lens.

It will record video with audio and user can insert up to 64GB inside in addition it has three buttons inside of a cap which are power button, record videos and take photos.

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It has a smart wifi camera so that users can access all the footage from smart phone app directly on your phone.

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Yes this makes taking pictures easier and at the same time it can be misused to invade people's privacy easier.

It's epic indeed! A cool product, has so much to offer for photography lovers. It is elegant, stylish and useful. Great hunt.

What a cool hat! it gives us to record something. We don't have a hard time carrying a camera again. Just by carrying this hat, we can record anything. Most importantly the recording quality is pretty good. Nice hunt!

I like the hat and it is something appealing to everyone when it used. How much is the price for this one? This is perfect for traveling and you want to record it.

oh wow! This looks sporty but i would provide awesome intelligence for our forces. 64GB is a wonderful size for a cap like this. Audio recording and picture capturing are wonderful things to be able to capture as a force and this would be awesome for underground officers. Nice hunt!

This is pretty awesome. I thought Google Glass was pretty awesome too. I can understand the privacy concerns of both items though. It is too bad that a few bad people have to ruin things for everyone. Having something that is hands free and at eye level would be really cool. Nice Hunt!

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This can be used to capture interesting events. The audio and picture would help capture intelligent stuffs that would be useful for those in the armed forces. Nice hunt!

I want one right away! 😁
Ok, jokes aside, this is the hunt of the day for me as I see it as very useful and helpful, especially if you are into adventures. Adrenaline junkies love to record their adventures and this can be of help but not only for them, for everyone. This is not a priority for me at the moment but I'd love to have one. Excellent idea and great hunt!

What a kool and ninja-eeee idea! Ths would be good for loads of things especially road pirate stops......... ;) Never underestimate the sneekiness!


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