CHILI TV - Earn Money At Home by Watching Promotions On Your TV

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Earn Money At Home by Watching Promotions On Your TV

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Just order the box you need to pay 1$ shipping for that box set it up watch ads automatically earn money. Just plug it into your TV and when you turn on your TV it automatically runs a 30 min advertisement every day.

Just set it and forget it they also give you an app which helps you control your chili tv and that's also from where you can cashout in shape of gift cards or paypal.

What is CHILI TV and how do I get it?
CHILI TV is similar to a Roku stick or a Fire TV Stick. CHILI TV is designed to run screensavers and promotions on your TV, while giving you rewards and gift cards.
You can order your CHILI TV box on, just fill out a quick survey and order through the link provided. We will ship a TV box to the address provided. And when we ship the product, you will get an email notification.


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What amount of money can you earn per week or month?


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