Yarn - Your mood connects you with like minded Travellers

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Your mood connects you with like minded Travellers



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Getting to Meet new people while traveling can be quite challenging to an extent.

And to further make matters worse, coming in contact with other travelers who also want to do the same thing as you is almost impossible.

Well, i am glad to tell you that Yarn allows for travelers to meet spontaneously for some kind of social experience.


Yarn has the following capabilities:

  • Choose Your Mood

It works alongside your mood and so it can be somewhat active, chill, or perhaps some food.

  • Weave Your Experience

Yarn searches in an instant for travellers that want to share similar experience.

  • Get Connected

You search result tend to include the list of travellers, location and even go as far as suggesting best time to meet.

And to even make the experience worthwhile, if you Don’t like the result, you can shake your phone and then try again.


The application can be found on the ios store and to download, you only need to follow This Link.

After following the link, you will then get to download the application and enjoy the feel.


  • Easy to use
  • connect you with like minded people.
  • Free to use
  • Less than 30MB


  • Compatible with ios 11.0 and above.
  • No android version yet.


Size : 27.1MB
Release date: July 03 2018
Last update: July 06 2018
Current version: 1.1

Application Download Link


Picture Credit

Below is a video that explains briefly what yarn is all about.

Watch, enjoy and have better understanding.




Hunter: @adexola


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  • can interat with the people around you with similar mood
  • can know and meet new friends
  • easy to use


  • maye be danger to use it to meet strangers

I love traveling and I can't help feel apps like this take something away from the experience. Perhaps not though? Maybe all those times you're sat at the hostel by yourself because there didn't seem much going on you could have used Yarn to find some mates. Probably like everything else, good in moderation but don't rely on it...

p.s it's also super new, being released last week so it will be interesting to see if there is actually any buzz around it.

Hello @sambillingham

I quite understand you completely, it indeed is a nice feel to have an app that can potentially connect you to people with the same mindset.

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Hello @adexola

What brought my attention to this Hunt was the Name. Yarn is also a pidgin English word for Interaction

The App also did not disappoint.

One of the use case for this is that it will connect travellers who have Language Barriers in a new place.

They can find fellow travelers who can speak their Language and build connection with them.

It is always good to have a Companion in a strange Land. It helps.

Hunt On.

Look at you go! Well done, your post has been cleared for liftoff (aka @steemhunt Upvote!) Keep it up Hunter!


This is my opinion about your hunt


  • If you are traveling and on vacation alone, and you want to meet people who want to be a friend, you must use Yarn application, because you can find people you do not know to be friends, wherever you are.
  • You can try this app on iOS, with a size less than 30MB, will not make your phone feel pressed.
  • Very easy to use it is very important.


  • Not on android

I will give value to your hunt

Post is really understandable. Everything detailed step by step . Thanks to share with us .

You are welcome @rdvn

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  • use for every appearance

  • can connect with many people

  • We can easily


  • easy to break if not in connection with others

• easy-to-use applications
• can connect with many people with the same thoughts
• these small apps are great

• can not work in this android system must be repaired

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