Paint Hit: Colour Blast - A Colour painting game with 100 of levels

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Paint Hit: Colour Blast

A Colour painting game with 100 of levels



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Hunter's comment


Paint Hit colour Blast is a game that is quite easy to play and the varieties of colours will engage your mind that you will want to stay glued to your mobile against all odds.

Game Genre: Arcade

Release Date: Jun 22, 2018

Latest Version: 5.000

File Size:90.5 MB

Device Compatibility: HD Universal


  • 100's of levels.

  • Challenge the bosses.

  • Great audio to help you get in the zone.

  • Messy painting fun.

  • Colourful and entertaining


  • Go to the Website

  • Login/Register on the website


  • Then click on the buy button as indicated in the picture above

  • It will take you to a page where you will fill necessary documents and then unlock your game for you after you have completed the necessary conditions.

  • Install the game and enjoy

Alternatively, you can click on this IOS Link which will automatically take you to where you can download the game for IPhone users.


  • Easy to download and play
  • Works IOS version 8, iPod touch and iPad
  • Android version to be available soon


  • Comes with in play Ads

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You can also watch a video of the Gameplay below:



Hunter: @adexola

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  • Good and fun game to play in leisure time
  • free of charge
  • exciting to play with


  • none for this hunt

Here are my views on this
Pros :

  • Different levels for painting are available
  • It is compatible with android and ios
  • It is easy to install and it has various painting tools

Cons :

  • The application has a lot of ads which makes it very annoying

Hey @memesdailmemesdaily

Thanks for your comment, but theres no android version of the application yet... We hope for a release soon

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Hello @dayleeo

Thanks so much for the correction, I have effect the Change as instructed.

Kindly check .

you're all set thanks for making the edit :)

My battery is running low now, I hope I won't need to change anything again.

Thanks so much @dayleeo


...The Game is easy to play and understand

The game is easy to download and install

The gane is available on ios and other many devices

The game is thrilling and exciting
The file size is small
The graphics of the game is very nice


Not yet available for android users

Hello @yourinfo

Thanks so much for your review, yes I pray they build a version for android users soon enough.

Rejoice Dear Hunter! You've followed our posting guidelines! Your hunt has been verified and is now eligible for a @steemhunt upvote. Yay!

Thanks and God bless


  • The game is interesting because it involves full color in adventure.
  • Cool graphics design
  • Very entertaining


  • Contains ads
  • Not available on Android

Hey @aboutindonesia

Thanks for your sincere review. Yes I do hope they will build for android users soonest

Nice Hunt!


  • you will love it (one of those nonsense play apps that will get you addicted 😂)
  • runs or better but will run on both iOS and Android
  • small file size


  • like with all free apps -> Ads

Hey @elleok

Yeah the game has capability of getting you addicted and glued to your phone.

Thanks so much for your review.


  • The size of it is not very big (only 90.5 mb)
  • It is very fun to play
  • I can reduce stress when play this game
  • Very easy to play, can attractive a lot of people to play it
  • It is free to play


  • Only can play on iOS yet

Hey @ryacha21

Thanks for your lovely review.

Yes the game is quite easy to play except for the cons.... I pray they fix that soon.

Hello @adexola, wonderful hunting

Thanks so much for stopping by @touhidalam69

This is a great hunt that you made there @adexola. Below are my personal opinion toward this hunt.


  • This game is easy to play
  • You will have fun hitting the tower using a paint
  • A great way to kill time


  • Only available for iOS user

Hey @vinzie1

Thanks for your comment. Yeah that cons is really a very bad one... I pray there is an android version soon enough.

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