Nanofixit Screen protector - Its an invisible Titanium screen protector

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Nanofixit Screen protector

Its an invisible Titanium screen protector




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The screen protector is an invisible liquid made from nano technology to protect ones mobile screen phone from damage. It is made from Titanium and helps to boost ones performance of the camera lens, it is invisible, anti scratch, thickness of up to 9H, anti cell phone radiation, eco friendly and water repellent.
It is one of the best or the best gadget out there with an affordable price. Read more about the product here.



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  • The repair cost will become cheaper
  • Environmental friendly
  • Reduce broken glass become rubbish


  • Old product, similar product can be purchased many year ago

Well, firstly i do not think there is any product like this that works using nano technology, its the first of its kind and its special features makes it better than other screen protector. You can read more about it

This hunt is really great, with this I will solve my air bubble problems in my Screen protector


  • With this protector you will forget the traditional screen protectors and all the problems they presented (Bubbles, bad installation, rigidity with the touch etc.)

  • It is strong and resists blows up to 20Nw.

  • It is also a totally ecological product since it has Anti-Bacterial and anti-cellular radiation


  • None for this hunt.

Had to check the site up right away, adding Tommy knowledge day by day.


  1. This will help protect your phone from scratch or crack
  2. It is made of strong materials like Titanium with string indent strength
  3. With the nano liquid screen protection, it offers a water repellant feature making it a good choice for users in case of contact with water
  4. It acts as an anti-cellphone radiation and ultra-scratch resistance membrane for your phones
  5. It is also an anti-bacteria protector, eco-friendly and 100% bubble free

It is a nice product, but a bit costly relative to the existing products.

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