Geko Smart whistle locator - A whistle that protects you from ever getting lost

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Geko Smart whistle locator

A whistle that protects you from ever getting lost







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How would you feel if you could never get lost anymore?

The Geko smart whistle works along side an android app called wiko and it is very effective in telling the location of your loved one once the person is in need.
The whistle works by telling whoever you want to alert of your well-being to download the app and pair using the Bluetooth before you leave so immediately you need help just blow the whistle and everything comes crashing down on your fears. It would place a call to the person and keep updating your current location every 1-2 minutes till the whistle is stopped.
This will enable the person to tell exactly where you are don't forget you could use it to track your cheating husband..Lol just blow it!

To read more about the app click here



Hunter: @adetola

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  • The Smart Whistle comes equipped with Bluetooth technology and its WISO application.
  • elegant and useful in case of emergency
  • ideal for children and athletes
  • affordable price for the pocket


  • No disadvantages for this it looks perfect in every way

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Wow technology just got better. Would have love one for myself but i dont plan on getting lost anytime soon. Lol


Yea.. But you should get one in case of tourism

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