HyperSnakes - Slither meets Battle Royal

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Slither meets Battle Royal



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TRON Arcade announces co-operation with MixMarvel to present a new game called HyperSnakes. It's based off the game slither.io where you grow as a snake by eating things and other snakes on the map and growing bigger in size and length. The only way to die is by running with your face into another snake so you have to be careful when using rightclick to boost your speed to either get away or get in the way of others. You can use your own body to circle around it and dodge enemy attacks!

You will need to use TronLink to log on to the game, this is just a beta and required a sign up but I am sure it will officially launch very soon. I was lucky enough to register and test it out and it seemed pretty much finished.

Since it's based off of on Tron this obviously means that there will be leaderboards and prizes for playing and being good at the game. Maybe co-operation with friends will be important if you manage to get into the same game.





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Looking forward to their official launch and yes I'm going to check it out and register as well as it is gonna be rewarding after becoming the prominent player of the game. Good to find out this hunt!

I used to play slither.io where just to enjoy the game😂. It is interesting game that your harwork will be rewarded playing this game while enjoying on it.

I used to play Slither.io during our laboratory class because it is very addicting to play and most especially when you game over the big slither and you will eat things to grow even bigger. I would love play like this one if this game would also be based on steem.

Wow! This is certainly a reminder of great and fun times! May need to check this out!

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It will be interesting to see how this game will be home popular and successful in the Tron blockchain , there have been alot of dapps that is been built on the Tron blockchain networks over the past few months and Tron is becoming a very strong and viable blockchain

I saw this and pre-registered, but then I couldn’t get into the game using TronLink. Maybe my ad blocker stopped it? Not sure.

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Hmm, worked for me with adblock, make sure you're logged in on tronlink.

A funny game, the snakes from the picture reminded me of 3d worms. :D


Oh yeah haha, didn't see it at first, you're right. :D

The HyperSnakes name itself reminded me of a old game and when I saw gameplay I knew for sure it was similar to slither.io which I must say is alot of fun, but this stands out having crypto involved, btw we so need this for Steem.


Haha, this one can go viral. Too bad it is on a shitty clone.


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I wonder how the rewards will work


It seems to be roundbased, e.g. 5 minute rounds whoever grows the most and is in the top3. I'm guessing there will be more modes in the future!

wow @acidyo nice and funny game.HyperSnakes my favurite game.And this game looks very good for me.When I feel myself lonely, I play this game.It's time to go well.Thnks you are sharing good game hunt.

Buenas tardes amigo @acidyo deseando que se encuentre bien , exelente post y agradecidos de sus recomendaciones y que tenga una feliz tarde se le saluda desde Venezuela.

It is Always fun to play these types of fun games. Specially Battle royal games in which we compete with others. I am also a big fan of these games. Thanks for sharing.

whether the official launch will be developed soon, I hope so, this hunt is indeed very good