Website Metadata Scraper API - Easily extract metadata such as email, phone number, social media

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Website Metadata Scraper API

Easily extract metadata such as email, phone number, social media



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Website Metadata Scraper API makes possible the extraction of Metadata such as email, phone number, social media sites, review sites and more with just a URL.

The problem with other tools that perform the same function as this is that; Unlike the way this particular tool go to the website for data-fetching, others do not. Most times, such tools are unable to fetch any important data from the website.

However, with the way this API operates, a lot of data is usually returned.

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Hunter: @acheever

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Hi @acheever, Are you the one who created this tool?

I see you have added yourself as the beneficiary of the article (Makers).


It was a mistake. I even tried removing it, but couldn't. Philip Källberg is the maker.

remember to hunt really your best finds on the web, we want the site to be fully of quality awesome products that people will love!

some power tips for the next hunt.. .

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•A great app for fetching data and documents. It directly goes to the website to fetch data, I will recommend this to everyone.


So Basically it is an Extraction tool to extract specific data from the Internet like contact details. It has multiple jobs like this to extract data on the Fiverr platform. You can earn much more using this tool as well.

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hi @acheever

I didn't hear from you in a while so I decided to check your blog to see if you're still active or taking a break.

Im glad to see tht you're still around.

ps. I wanted to ask you a question. You mind telling me what's your view on latest HF20 introduced on steemit? Did it affect you in any way?

enjoy your weekend buddy
Yours, Piotr


Hi @crypto.piotr, I've been busy doing some other this though and prolly that's why I haven't been able to reach most steemians. Thank you for your concern Sir.

As for my experience so far about the recent HF20, at first i wasn't able to post my articles on the platform for days due to a low RCs. It was very frustrating and made me feel like that's the end of everything, in fact, i had to use someone else's account with good Steem power to enter a contest.

However, i later found out the H20 is something that is really needed on a platform like this because it helps to reduce the rate of spamming, that's really great! Moreover, it helps anyone to set his/her priority right by ensuring quality posts are put at the top first before any other ones.

Thanks to the Hard fork 20 as it does more good than bad.

Yours, acheever.


hi @acheever

We know each other for so long already. No need to call me Sir. What about calling me "Pete" ? :)

I hope you're busy doing something you like.



Yeah, something I like. Busy learning the art of drawing using pencils and pens, at the same time writing for with the @originalworks contest combined. Thanks for the concern @crypto.piotr


hi @acheever

did you write some articles for already? can you share link?

also I was wondering if you had any issues with payments? I found out lately that Trivial is a Polish company and it attracted my attention :) hope they are legit