Visual Inspector - Collaboration tool for website feedback & design bug fixes

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Visual Inspector

Collaboration tool for website feedback & design bug fixes



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The Visual Inspector app from Canvas Flip is a collaboration tool for website design, feedback and fixing design bugs.

Check out this video to get an overview of Visual Inspector's potential to design, review and launch pixel-perfect websites:

The key features include:

  • Fix design bugs without leaving your website
  • Edit web pages without coding
  • Add comments and collaborate
  • Resolve issues quickly to build a great website
  • Integrates with other productivity & collaboration apps
  • Start with a free plan

Images and video are from Canvas Flip



Hunter: @acdevan

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Keep up the hunt!
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Pros :

You may edit web pages without using codes
Can resolved issues really fast
Can be integrated with other apps for better productivity
Can add comments and able to collaborate

Cons :

I don't find any


  • Help repair design errors on any website
  • There is a free plan that allows you to use the platform in a basic way.
  • Extension available for google chrome
  • Repair of design errors in real time


  • I have not found anything against him


  • Awesome visual
  • Integration with other similar apps
  • Free plan available
  • No coding abilities needed


  • Available only in English language


  • Help front-end developers fix bugs easily
  • Web Design Collaboration made easy
  • Free Trial option for Premium features is available so buyers can experience before buying.


  • Free Plan only has basic features that other experienced developers can do with Chrome Devtools so this makes it's not worth to install free verison .

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