Common Voice - Open Collection of Human Voice Data for Machine Learning

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Common Voice

Open Collection of Human Voice Data for Machine Learning


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Mozilla's open source Common Voice project is designed to help teach machines how real people speak.

Our interaction with devices and machines has evolved over time from handles to levers to buttons to keyboards to command line interfaces to graphical interfaces, to the mouse, to touch screens and now human voice.

Most high quality human voice data is siloed in large corporations. That data has been collected at high cost by these companies and are not generally available to others.

The Mozilla Foundation has decided to disrupt this situation with the Common Voice project. Innovators will be able to access this open source repository to deliver new high quality solutions to improve human lives.

You can play your part to contribute to this project in the following ways:

  • Contribute your voice (really!)
  • Help validate spoken sentences
  • Request a new language if it is not in the list of in-progress languages

Image Source: Mozilla



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  • Open source project so develop can access to voice data that previously only large corporation that spent large money to get
  • Low cost product for handicup people with voice assistance can be produced
  • Still developing so no sure how much data can be gathered


  • None as it is really a great initiative