Logo maker and logo creator - This is the exclusive logo maker software

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Logo maker and logo creator

This is the exclusive logo maker software



Hunter's comment

This is the exclusive logo maker software..
You can create exclusive logo by this Android app...




Hunter: @abrocky


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I have been able to work with this app to create some wonderful logos. Easy to use and helps in self learning.

Awesome Hunt!

Great hunt! An app that can make logo designing easier.


  1. App based
  2. Easy to download and use
  3. Android and ios
  4. Perfect for people to save money on logo design

Cons- None

Great app for lazy people l;ike, where i would pay people to design my logo and letter head and etc for my business. Thks for sharing @abrocky. I wish you can elaborate more on the next app hunt ... cheers.... i still upvote you thou!!

Lot of thanks Bro

Cool app for logo creation but am confused if it’ll be and easy process or your have to have certain knowledge in graphics field to enjoy the full potential of this application

Thanks bro


  • great and smart

  • can create exclusive logo

  • easy and convenient to use


  • none

Thanks for niice comment

I am always a fan of any software that has to do with graphics as it will sharpen my skills as well, looking at this one as a mobile application is cool as it will be easy to use and generate cool concept as well.. Will love to try this out soon as well .. Thanks for this product

Me too bro

Who is hunter?

Excellent hunt


Free app
Easy to use
It support android


Thanks for sharing

Welcome bro

Greqt app beoooo


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