iRewardHealth - Application for rewarding team members for healthy activity

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Application for rewarding team members for healthy activity



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Hello Hunters,
If you are working in a team, your team members' health is important, their body's health and also their mental health.
If you are a team leader, you want all your members to be motivated and healthy.
By this app, you can reward your team member, if they complete an activity that you require.
For example "run 5 km today"
and you can reward them by points, when they complete these activities, and these points are redeemable for gifts.
It has 2 weeks free trial, and after that, it costs 1$ per person/month.
The app is free of charge,its size is 54.5 MB.
It is available on The Apple Store and Google Play Store.
Apple Store Link
Google Play Store Link



Hunter: @abitbi

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Hi @abitbi,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

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Since everyone works at a job, they don't need to do sports or are tired. If you are dpor or are connected to a dpor group. This product is very nice for you and your teammates to control the sports activities. Cool hunt.

A great application to motivate someone.If you are healthy and refresh you can perform all your activities easily. Great hunt.

Are you a coach of a sports group? And you have to follow these people. But it's hard to hold a paper. With iRewarsHealth it is now very easy to follow. follow them and reward them with this program is very nice. Good hunt.

This is such a great tool. Don't they say all work without play makes jane a dull girl? :D , I think health is everyone's priority and it's great to know a team leader would consider his subjects health. I bet it would lso help enhance efficiency. Great Hunt.

irewardhealth is a great application. You can reward your team member for activities and they can get gifts by these points. Thanks for sharing.

Great service provided by irewardhealth. Just checked on the rewards they are providing as opposed to the fee which is $1 a month. It all about being healthy and fit and why not when you get rewarded for being healthy. Large organization should definitely look into adopting irewardhealth for the welfare of their employees. Great Hunt mate.

If you want to live healthy, you need to do sports. It's hard to do sports alone, so it's better to work with a group. If you have a group and this group is running the coach is a nice application, try irewardHealth. Thanks for product.

I have seen some similar apps, but it's more personal. With this, can motivate your temates easy rewarding them!!
Very good hunt!

Rewarding the team members is important for achievement. Team leader can easily reward them by this app for healthy activities. Thanks for sharing.


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