OLogy - Science Learning app for Kids

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Science Learning app for Kids



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Ology is an educational app for kids to learn about science, It is an award-winning app and running for 20 years. It contains games, videos, and articles to read.




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Learning is always the best thing and this is great Hunt for kids to have better understanding about science

Anything that makes learning fun and easy for kids is always good one

Glad to see an app or game for kids and helps them learn about science and technology.

All parents should take their children to museums, and with this app they can take virtual tours of the American Museum of National History and learn about everything that is in it.

Great hunt dear friend
This is very useful application for the kids through which they can learn about science.
Thanks for sharing with us.

This kind of tools are good for kids.

Its a nice hunt. Great efforts

Great and innovative find. I am also find this this type of unique apps for our kids to learn science. Science is not easy subject.

OLogy is a best science learning app for kids running for 20 years and contains games for engaging kids, thanks for sharing .

Best learning app for kids!!

This is a good app for all children to develop interest in science. Its a good app to develop such great love for field that makes life easy for humanity.

Wow. Award winning app and running for about 20 years is use. The most important feature of size is is the explanation on or demonstration. It's good to learn science with some practical instances and experiments. So this is very good one for learning science for the children's special


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