Moti - Robot that Help You Develop Any Habit That You Want

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Robot that Help You Develop Any Habit That You Want



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Moti is one of the Coolest Robots I have Ever See. It is a Desktop Robot that Helps you to Develop Good habits. You just need to tell him, How many glasses of water you need to drink, He will remind you For that Or whether you need to go for walk or need to exercise daily, It will keep you notified according to time and Help you Built habits. You can see a large button on it, Whenever you have done the required task you press that button to Tell the Moti that you have done the task. The button has some lights to remind you about the task differently.

An onboard speaker allows it to add some bleeps and bloops along with the light-up action. Each device is designed to serve as a reminder and action button for a single habit.

Price is just 79$.



Hunter: @abdulmanan

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I like robots. People say drinking lots of water is healthy. But sometimes I forget to drink water. It would be good for my health if a cute little robot told me to drink water. The price is also cheap, so I don't think there is any burden on buying.


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gat lot of habits i need to control, like when to stop watching videos on insta and when to stop gaming to save my gadgets battery
Hope Moti is loud enough

Having watched several movies where robots eventually take over, I'm a teensy bit paranoid about intentionally using them to modify my behaviour but that's just me. Moti is pretty cute and I can see how all the research that went into its production might really help people form new (and better) habits.

Cool hunt

This robot is just like a mom who cares for us everytime and in fact whatever good habits w e have , are all ncoz of moms.
Oh yeh one more thing, how is it different from a simple alarm clock?

Fascinating find. This could be a very interesting APP. I signed up to be notified when it is ready. I can see all kinds of uses.

I don't think as humans we need to create a robot to help us learn behavior, it's not it has a mind of its own. Just one of those products that annoy me lol

He is an incredible robotic assistant, who assists you for what you need and have as a habit. It's great. Good hunting

Oh really, that's so amazing robot, I need this one coz that's perfect for taking good habit and all work done on exact time. Superb Hunt 😊

Never seen a robot as smart as this one. Habit can be a very good thing and I guess with this robot that can be achieved

Great hunt! I think this will be very useful to me. I always forget to drink lots of water in my office. I think it would be nice to use this to build a habit. Thank you for sharing!

They are certain habit that I’ll love to develop in the coming days and having this robot will be a stepping stone in that direction

This is no doubt incredible piece of tech because it help users to develop good habits which is essential for healthy life. It can take a lot to build a positive habit & i like the fact that this robot always try to encourage owners with small cues like sounds, lights and movement in order to remind them to build one of their habits. Great Hunt.

This robot is fantastic, it seems great to have someone to remind you what to do, and why not do it together, I want one for me now great hunting


  • Unique and great

  • help develop the habits you want

  • easy to use and useful


  • none

A robot that reminds you what you need to do on a daily basis. The price was very affordable and small. It will stand chic on the table. Because it has cool LED lights. You can keep this easy to use robot on your desk.

I have a good memory but Moti would be very useful for the people who has to remember their habits. Perfect hunt.

Moti is a perfect robot for habits. I have to drink more water in a day because of my kidneys. Sure I will use it. Perfect hunt.

I have so many habits to be done, and I forget most of them. Moti will be helpful for me. Thanks for sharing.

Well, we tends to be forgetful or just not strong willed enough sometimes. A robot reminding us to do what we are supposed to do is great. Though it is affordable depending on who you ask, but I think a reminder or organizer or something like that on smartphones can do the same work well.

Good idea all the same.

You Killed This, Now Recoil

I wonder why do we need robots to dictate what is a good habit. I hope we are not gearing towards being manuevered by machines instead of us humans maneuvering them.

Moti would be great to remind me to call my wife every 5 minutes, because she wants this, hahaha, great hunt.

Robots become popular everday and I am sure they will be more popular very soon. Moti is a good one to remind our habits. Thanks for sharing.

Robots become a part of our lifes and they will be more common. Moti would be useful to remember what you have to do. Great hunt.

Hahaha, this is good, I know people who are going to want one of this, including me. Thanks for your contribution.

Have a nice hunt @abdulmanan, this is a very interesting robot which can make us habitual in all activity thanks for sharing.

What a cool hunt , I have never seen something like that in my life, I have many bad habits and I hope with this device i can change them and also can gain some good habits.

I am a little messy with the daily tsreas this robot could help me. When I put reminders on my cell phone I simply turn them off when they ring and I do not comply with some of my habitod. then the robot will have to run.

Habit just got developed with moti bot

Robots that are useful when at home, and can help our body's health, with this robot will do it all, very sophisticated robots.
Awesome Hunt :)

Wao! this is great.
It is good to know that we can have such intelligent Robot that could help someone to develop good attitude by always serve as a reminder.

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It's a cute gadget. But, I'm not sure I need another thing to clutter my desk, especially since it seems to just duplicate the reminders on my phone. Maybe having a physical gadget do the reminders and not just an app on my phone makes a difference? It's hard to tell, but cute is what this has going for, at the moment. Nice find.

Great reminder app. Guess I love this


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