Magic Interactive VIVE - 9D Virtual Reality Simulation Rides Cinema

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Magic Interactive VIVE

9D Virtual Reality Simulation Rides Cinema



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Magic Interactive VIVE is a virtual reality based cinema. It is a 9D cinema and comes with high qualities visuals to make us feel like real.


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I love virtual reality products, but sadly it's way more expensive and i can't afford it.

I never have seen anything with 9D and its quite new to me. I hope this VR Simulation should be great and will offer an unbelievable experience.

didnt knew we 9D too have heard this first time from you but i am sure it would feel as if its something very real , i have seen a game some days before and the quality of that game was very much close to real world graphics and it was war game <3

This seem to be a great hunt and 9D Virtual Reality is something I never seen before. awesome hunt I must say

Wow! What a great product you have searched. I have seen many types of VR products. But this is quite good as this is a 9D cinema and we can make us feel us real. Great Hunt!

What a great and amazing hunt. Vr technology going very popular over all the world. Tgis machine looks very beautiful. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

what's the price of it it's the cinema kind of saleable ? or not ? what if we buy it and make it a place for business ??

Nice hunt. With so many dimension, although I do not know what 9d means, but the idea probably is to make the experience of watching movies immersive. Right now, cinemas are closed but I would like to try this sometime.

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