HELA BIO - SMART WATCH Sweat Test Blood Glucose

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SMART WATCH Sweat Test Blood Glucose



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HELA BIO is based on the latest technology and it uses your sweat to check the glucose level in your body. it is good looking and suits your wrist very well.




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I don't know about the accuracy of the test with sweat. We normally see the testing of blood glucose from Blood sample but it's in very innovative technique where sweat will be used for blood testing with a nice watch. very good hunting

If you are diabetic, or near diabetic, this is vital as it can tell you whether your glucose levels are too low, or whether they are too high and you need to bring them down.

Great technology and wearable device for people with sugar problem to have better control of their health.

This is a nice gadget to check your sugar/glucose levels easily.

A we know that health is very important for every human kind for fighting with covid-19 pandemic. So this watch is too important for keep our body fit and great immunity. Thanks great gadget.

Awsome gadget , i like the sweat check features
First time i see this type of feature on internet .

Great hunt...


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