Ghost Minitaur Robot - Dog-Like Robot Can Open Doors, Run Up Stairs And Even Climb

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Ghost Minitaur Robot

Dog-Like Robot Can Open Doors, Run Up Stairs And Even Climb



Hunter's comment

Have you Ever seen a Robot Dog that can open Doors, Run up Stairs, and Even Climb? No? Okay, Today I'm going to tell you guys about a robot that looks runs like a Dog and It has the ability to open the doors, Run Up Stairs and Also climb, Ghost Minitaur Robot is Specially designed to do these TAsk.

Ghost Minitaur comes with legs sporting two degrees of freedom, allowing it to exert precise forces and perform basic manipulation, giving it the ability to jump (which it uses to open lever-style doors), ascend stairs, move sideways, and even climb fences in a very inefficient manner. Maximum running speed is 23 feet per second, so it can keep it motorized skateboards and most electric bicycles with relative ease



Hunter: @abdulmanan

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Super find. Fascinating what robotics can do. They will keep getting more and more sophisticated.

can you please put the url to this exact product instead of just their home page. thank you.


@teamhumble Made the require Changes. Kindly review it again.


@abdulmanan i'll review when i do my next mod session in an hour or so. thank you. 👍

To be very honest I have never seen something like this before, Look man A robot that runs like a dog and it can open the door for you , It can climb the walls, Technology is improving day by day and we are getting new product everyday. Cool hunt mate.

The running speed of this robot is amazing, I think this is best for kids to play with, It also has the ability to open the doors and climb on the walls so it can help us in the daily activities.
Price is also reasonable.

Demons, this robot is something cool hahaha, I would be very afraid to see one of those things going up walls, opening doors and even more running around haha, I would like to have one of these to exploit my imagination to the maximum leisure: D

great funny useful doggy bot. his movements are funny and lovely. it will become a ninja warrior soon. awesome hunt.

I saw it and I fell in love it is very beautiful and it makes many things it looks funny thanks for sharing it with us

Arey bhai Yeh To Kamaal ka robot hai bahut Dino Ke Baad main Aapke block par Aaya Hoon sorry bhai kaam jyada hi rehta hai aaj kal

My family members farmer

perfect, thank you! :) verified.

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Wow, cools innovation. This dog can wander around home and be a watch dog

Miniature Ghost Robot that can facilitate human work. I think, that's how we become King and we need to thank the designer who designed this very beautiful and sophisticated. Great !!!


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