Domino's DRU - World First Ever Pizza Delivery Robot

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Domino's DRU

World First Ever Pizza Delivery Robot



Hunter's comment

Hey Pizza Lovers, I think Everyone in the world Loves Pizza, I myself is a big Pizza lover, I was searching for the hunt to post today, and I found this cool Robot, And you know that It's world First Ever Pizza Delivery Robot Built By domino.
It is a Four Wheel Robot that uses On board Gps system to Deliver Pizza. There is a sensor Which Allow it to recognize path and Different Obstacles.

Each robot comes with two insulated chambers – one for holding piping hot pizzas and another for keeping ice cold drinks. The chambers are locked and will only slide up after you’ve punched in a unique code that you receive when first placing an order, so bored teenage kids won’t find it all too easy to steal your food while the bot makes it way to the front door.



Hunter: @abdulmanan

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This is such a great concept that will save alot of companies money and make use of their manpower in other ways. I am curious though, wouldn't ppl stop it and take the pizza away?lol

This will go a long way in reducing the human delay related to ordering pizza. I am somehow skeptical this may not work out well in some neighborhood. But a brilliant concept nonetheless.

Great job @abdulmanan for bringing this to our attention.

You Killed This, Now Recoil

Hi @abdulmanan,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

PS: for future reference, please try to have a better ration own comments vs. quoted content. 50/50 is slightly too much quoted and not every mod may approve that.


Thank you , I will keep that thing in my find from now.

Cool Hunt Mate,

I just can't Believe What i saw. Now we have A robot that Deliver us the pizza, It is specially design to this task, It is secure and it also has some sensors that sense the Obstacles of the way, Technology is going further and further.

Yea deliverable drones are making there way into our lives. Now we can have everything at our finger tip. Having something deliver quickly to your home is convenience.

Awesome hunt ! Thanks for your work.

Here is my review for your hunt:

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  • This product is very cute
  • This product is convenient
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Good job and great hunt!

Looking forward to see more great hunt from you!

If you like pizza like me you will love this product. The World's No First Pizza Delivery Robot. It's a great idea and a robot that shows exactly where technology is in our lives. It has all kinds of obstacle grab design and technology to find your way with GPS system. A nice hunt, congratulations.

It looks like a four-wheeled flashlight. Domino's Robotics Unit has an autonomous distribution vehicle and partitions made to securely exit the door of the customer. It has a fast delivery process (it can choose the best way to travel from a starting point to the arrival point). Cool hunt.

For mapping the area that is organized and safe, this introductory robot technology will work, but this is a creative and great idea, nice product.

Domino's Dru is very cute. It is good to have a pizza, delivered by him. Very smart idea, great hunt.

The future is here. It is amazing to see how robots are starting to penetrate our world.

I would like to get my Pizza by this cool Domino's Dru. I think it is a great innovation about deliverers. . Great hunt.

From where I live, this robot will struggle and surely fail to deliver my pizza. Haha


Beautiful Design.
Special Sensor.
Online Gps System.



This robot work more or less than human being in terms of delivery pizza. This is another convenient for the lover of pizza, with this robot, pizza will be available at the doorstep

great find. Bring on the pizza!

This is so cute. I'm not sure how well this will work on​ high-traffic roads and places where the sidewalks are not as well-paved, but I wouldn't mind getting my next pizza delivered by this cute robot. I definitely prefer it over the driverless pizza delivery car! Lol! I love this.

excellent invention, since you will always have hot food and cold drinks. This company does not stay behind and advances in giant steps. The only thing against it is that it could end the work of young people.

This would reduce the annoyance of some delivery guys

I hope Domino's Dru won't eat my pizza before delivering, hahaha, Great hunt.

It's not hitting the road tomorrow :) so we will have to wait for some time. However, I am wondering what happens, if someone hacks onto it and takes away all the pizzas !!! Its said, it has some sensors to tackle with the obstacles, but you know, thieves always comes with better innovation than the police.

Congratulations to all pizza lover. Now that there is a robot that will be reliever pizza for everyone at their doorstep, there is no need to overstressed before getting pizza again.
This robot is special.

Nice hunt

I guess we will see so many delivering robotics very soon, and it is a great development. Perfect hunt.


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Awwww..finally we can get hot pizza without any tips ! xD