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Cowtech Ciclop - Open Source 3D Scanner

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Cowtech Ciclop

Open Source 3D Scanner



Hunter's comment

We know that Technology is moving too fast and nowadays we have some 3D printers who can print hard bodies. Even It is expected that their will Printers who could build your complete home, You just need to put the material. Today I am to share with you an important and amazing Product which is a strong part of 3D printing, Cowtech is a 3D scanner who scans the product from all over and give you Blueprint for printing.
Some of the features are given below.


  • Open source.
  • 0.5 Mm Scan Resolution.
  • 2-8 Minutes Scanning time.
  • Custom CT scan.
  • Magnetic Back Cover.

you can get the basic kit for a pledge of $99. If you want the full thing, the price is $149.



Hunter: @abdulmanan

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  • Open source
  • Fast scanning
  • Very cheap
  • Custom CT Scan
  • I don't have any


Custom CT Scan.
0.5 Mm Resolution.
2-8 Minute Scanning time.
Easily Affordable.



I like open-sourced products, they are safer and faster. Cowtech Ciclop is a great hunt with its features. Thanks for sharing.

Cool hunt mate.

I like the way this scanner scans the product For each and every portion, and give us the perfect blue print for 3D printing, you can get it in just 149 $ , and that is easily affordable.

  • Pros.

Very fast scanning.

Custom CT Scan.

Magnetic back cover.

Very cheap.

  • Cons.

No one.

Nice post my friend.

great find. This whole 3-D printing field is fascinating.

Impressive hunt.

I really like this technology, and in fact it will revolutionize the 3D Printing, we know that 3D printing is the future and this product is going to help us in a great way.


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