Qrio Smart Lock - Keep Your Home Safe

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Qrio Smart Lock

Keep Your Home Safe







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I come across with this awesome home security product that will keep your home safe. The Qrio Smart Lock that allows you to operate a door lock with your smartphone. This smart lock offers you the simplicity, and flexibility to monitor your home from anywhere, and the most important thing is, the Qrio Smart Lock will keep your home safe. The Qrio Smart Lock was developed in Japan as a convenient way to operate a door lock with a smartphone. It is called as "keyless lock" where you don't need a key to unlock or lock the door. When you go out, the Qrio Smart Lock will automatically lock your door, and you free to go without worrying the security around. When you come home, you just need to touch your mobile screen to unlock the door, safe and sound. It is not that all, you can also share the virtual key to your trusted friends, or family if you want them in.

Official Video :




Hunter: @abduhawab


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Pros :

  • A very smart locking system which can really give you peace of mind
  • It is really easy to install
  • Can be locked and unlocked your door with the use of your smartphone
  • Does have remote control locking mechanism that confirms if you have locked the door or not
  • It does monitor a constant updated record which can be a great asset
  • You can even set an automatic locking system

Cons :

  • The product is quite expensive around $248 but if you purchase early you will able to avail 26% discount price

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I really like the look of this virtual key/padlock @abduhawab. Here's my review:

  • looks great : slick and modern
  • seems to be easy to use you can share the keys with close friends and family
  • though the model is young looking, it is the sort of gadget that could be used for helping our ageing population to stay safe and those caring for them gaining access to their property easily.


  • Not clear from video, but I guess that lack of connectivity will be a problem in a rural area ?
  • not clear from website if it's widely available / tested yet.
  • it needs everyone holding the keys to synchronise and keep data safe.

Many thanks ! I look forward to seeing this produced offered more widely and 'good bye dangling keys'😁 ....

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Pros :

-a smart security padlock to keep your home safe
-simple and flexible

  • will automatically lock once you get out of the house
  • you can share keys with trusted friends and family

Cons :

No cons on this one


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