BrailleSense U2 QWERTY - Visually impaired users can access twitter with this device

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BrailleSense U2 QWERTY

Visually impaired users can access twitter with this device



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Improved GPS receiver and electronic compass allow you to explore your surroundings and provide instant, accurate directions or real-time, turn-by-turn navigation to your destination. GPS map data is an optional add-on.

BrailleSense U2 QWERTY is a great product perfectly engineered for the Deaf-Blind users . In addition to being a perfectly designed product, it’s the fastest and most advanced note taker which supports QWERTY. Also, with the BrailleSense U2 QWERTY, the Deaf-Blind users can socialize thanks to its Instant Social Networking features. It will be easy for the Deaf-Blind users to tweet, chat with family, and co-workers using Google Talk anytime.


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Man is a social animal. So, socializing is the right of every human being. Unfortunately it was impossible for visually impared people to do socializing on social media. BrailleSense U2 QWERTY is a great product for blind people as it will provide them interaction on social media life. Nice hunt

Awesome One!
I like it as it allows blind person to type and stay connected with the Technology. It is advanced and make type easier and efficient. But I don't think it is affordable for everyone...
Thank You and Have a GooD DaY!

Allowing people with disabilities to carry out all the activities typical of the rest of society is always a great advance that, in addition, will allow them to join this society. Thanks to inventions like this, deaf-blind people will have one more support to show them that they can live their lives normally.

Excellent hunt! Thanks for share!

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This is great. Putting the deaf and blind into consideration is a good thing, with this device, they can have fun on social media and chat with their loved ones. Good one

Wow! I was wondering how they will be able to use Tech. This is in fact a big step and a great feat. The Braille system works; it's nice they created a keyboard for them.
Great hunt!

Now deaf-blind people can also chat using this keyboard. It is a great product, deaf-blind people could not chat with their loved ones before. This keyboard can make them more happy. awesome hunt.

Nothing can replace eyes and ability of speaking & listening, but these types of efforts should be welcomed with open arms. It is good that modern technologies and developers/makers of our time trying their best to provide differnt kind of facilities to disables in different field of lifes and making them able to interact with others in ways those were not possible ever before.

"BrailleSense U2 QWERTY" is not merely a product, it is a service and support from normal brilliant people to disable ones.

You did well @abasifreke in sharing it on Steemhunt.

Wish you a lovely day.


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