Tesla Roadster - Feel That Powerful 10,000 Nm Torque Force

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Tesla Roadster

Feel That Powerful 10,000 Nm Torque Force





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Tesla Roadster, an all-new Electric High-Performance Car that able to perform 0-100kph (0-60mph) in just 1.9 sec with its powerful 10,000 Nm of torque from the triple electric motor, all power is output through its 4 wheel drive system and capable in reaching more than 250mph+ top speed!

Unlike most of the high-performance car which comes with 2 front seats and 2 rear seats that barely fit anyone, Tesla Roadster's 2+2 seating is able to fit 4 people comfortably for a drive up to 620 miles (almost 1,000km) on a full charge and normal driving speed of course 😉.

Now you are able to reserve yourself a brand new Tesla Roadster with a price at only $200,000 for a base model by a $50,000 deposit upfront.

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Hunter: @aaronleang


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  • The high-speed capability that it offers is completely top notch! Racers will surely love this one
  • Could accommodate more seats compared to the usual high-speed cars. Perfect for roadtrips!


  • I see no cons for this one since this is a really great product

Nice Hunt! @aaronleang 🤗

In terms of benefits, of course electric cars like the Tesla Roadster give a million benefits, especially environmentally friendly. The speed produced is not as big as a car with fuel oil, but it is very enough for everyday life.

With this car, in addition we can save fuel costs, we can also save the environment from air pollution.

Nothing, It's Recommended !, but from the price i can not buy it

Great product hunt @aaronleang!
Here are my thoughts for Tesla's flagship electric car, Roadster.

  • Of course, very ecofriendly, no emission of greenhouse gases.
  • Very revolutionary design and challenges the traditional Detroit 3 (GM, Ford, & FCA) , German Big 3 (VW, Daimler, BMW) and Japan's Big 3 (Toyota, Nissan, Honda) to follow on the electrification of their flagship cars. Most importantly, these challenges the luxury automakers to follow the lead.
  • This would be a hit especially to sport cars enthusiasts that are starting to turn down Internal Combustion Engine powered sports cars.
  • Great speed and range which is a very great feat to achieve by a car being powered by electric.


  • This has been the issue, this electric car is very expensive, that's why there emerge a competitor which is based in China, Byton as far as I can remember, I always read the newsroom of company page and the articles found in autonews.com backed then when I was working as a Mechanical Design Engineer in Lear Corporation, which is a leading supplier of seating and e-systems in auto industry.

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Pros :

  • It is fully designed for performance and efficiency
  • It has removable glass roof which able the you to breath open-air
  • One of the quickest car in the world which receives some record-setting acceleration records and performance
  • It has aerodynamic engineering with some record-setting for performance and efficiency

Cons :

  • Expensive type of car

My review on this hunt is :


  • an all-electric supercar, Roadster maximizes the potential of aerodynamic engineering—with record-setting performance and efficiency
    -The first supercar to set every performance record and still fit seating for four.
    -A lightweight, removable Glass Roof stores in the trunk for an open-air, convertible driving experience.
    Cons :

Very useful. No cons on this one.


  • A true electric Roadster
  • Satisfies any need for speed
  • Absurd range for a complement


  • You may lose fuel from the combustion engine
  • Batteries will be expensive to replace
  • Your Tesla is tied to the plug

Nice writing. Salam ukhuwah Islamiah from Indonesia.

Thanks @azroel, greeting from Malaysia 🙌🏻

Tesla now in trouble because they cannot meet the production demand of their model 3.

The new roadster model is gonna be a long wait before it goes into mass production.

Hence joke Tesla is going to bankrupt 🙈

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You can go for any Tesla product fearlessly

Unfortunately, in Malaysia you can't 🙈

I really enjoy your post content,
your post is very interesting ,
Success always

With rockets then the cops would never catch me. The bloody buggers.

I like this car, its simply one of the fastest roadsters.
• The car can go from 0-69mph in just 1.9 sec

  •  All Electric

• Spacious interior that can fit four people comfortably
• Can drive to 620 miles on a single charge
• Wide array of customized options such as color for buyers
• Powerful engine with 10,000 Nm of torque
• Expensive price
• Its not available in the market since production is slated to start in 2020.

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