The Spy Glass - Rotating beach hut can catch the sun's rays all day

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The Spy Glass

Rotating beach hut can catch the sun's rays all day



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Hunter's comment

This product is developed by JaK Studio and has been installed in Eastbourne at the beach. It is a beach hut known as The Spy Glass.

This hut can rotate to follow the sun, which means it moves with the sun. The hut is built on a recessed turntable which can be controlled manually through a remote. This way visitors can watch, turn and track the path of the sun.

It has a wooden structure which comes with blue and orange stripes. It also has binoculars which allow people to see out to the sea.

This cantilever has 2 port hole windows and an external shower head. The adaptability of the Spy Glass allows the hut can be used as a private beach hut.



Hunter: @aamirijaz

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Hi @aamirijaz,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.


2 port hole windows.
external shower head.
can be controlled by remote.
Rotation according to sun.



The Spy Glass rotate towards the sun light, this means visitor can find the path and direction with the help of The Spy Glass.

Beautiful hut...I wish to spend holiday in it...
Great hunt

very nice


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