Griff 300 - Carry 496 Pounds Of Cargo For 45 Minutes Between Charges

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Griff 300

Carry 496 Pounds Of Cargo For 45 Minutes Between Charges



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Hunter's comment

It is a drone to deliver your packages, food and other stuffs. It can carry 496 pounds of payload within 45 minutes of charges. It is an Unmanned Aerial Systems with loading capabilities.

It is built of aluminum and its arms acts like heatsinks to avoid temperature rising. It keeps flying in every weather condition as it is highly weather resistant.

With lifting capabilities that have redefined the industry, GRIFF Aviation’s UAS offer a completely new standard in fully customisable system and payload options.

It is up to you if you want to increase the lifting capabilities or increase flight time. The settings are adjustable as per your needs and choice.



Hunter: @aamirijaz

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among drones, one who can lift some great things and deliver. 496 pounds and can fly 45 minutes in all weathers...there is a lot of good things can do this flying machine. nice hunt.

  • Pros.

Stylish Design

496 pounds
very useful
Temperature Resistance.
  • Cons.
    No one

Another amazing drone!

496 pounds is not a low weight and i am glad to know this drone can lift that, I think it is perfect to use in the war time to deliver food and other things to our soldiers. 45 minute charge is also pretty good. Design is also perfect,


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