EOS - A zero emissions, unmanned airship for multiple industry use

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A zero emissions, unmanned airship for multiple industry use



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EOS is a multipurpose airship designed by Avalon Airships. They have powered it in a way that it is capable of flying and to partly sink into the water. It is a Helium-filled hybrid airship

Its uses include but not limited to Policing, Freight, Entertainment and Search and Rescue (Coast Guard).

For the police, ambulance and rescue applications of EOS, the aircraft is equipped with a remotely piloted drone, allowing it to give more direct aid in emergencies.

This airship can monitor and give you a bird's eye view with high-resolution camera arrays. It can stay in the air for extended periods of time.

It is a flexible, low cost, speedy and silent autonomous vehicle. It doesn't affect the public on roads and completes its operations smoothly.

The electric charging docks are equipped with local solar panels, wind generators, and storage batteries, allowing for zero cost, rapid charging. Source




Hunter: @aamirijaz


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Hi @aamirijaz, I don't think the EOS is an actual product yet... it seems to be just a concept. Have you seen any evidence that they'll built a prototype or have blueprints or anything?


Thank you for reaching out @urbangladiator, You can visit their facebook page, and They are also in news, you can also visit this link for more information please. They are working on this project. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/726546/avalon-airships-autonomous-drones-future-policing, If name is the problem, i can change it to Avalon Airship, but Eos is the original name that is mentioned in the news and in their website,. Waiting for your kind reply @urbangladiator. Have a good day mod.

Here is the facebook page you can visit .


  • No on board pilot.
  • Zero Emissions.
  • Could be used by endless industries.


  • None.

This looks like a Scene from those movie set in the far future.

I love the fact that it is low cost and so it can be easily afforded by poorer countries. Especially those that are war torn.

Great Hunt

I think this type of thing is going to be the future of air shipping, why use humans to fly the plane if you don't have to?

This vehicle is really cool, since it is not an almost completely autonomous vehicle that can work with helium and solar energy, but also has a very innovative design and a system of very advanced cameras that I suppose will be oriented to the observation.

Great hunt.

It is a multipurpose air ship that is sensitive to the environment and protects nature. For police, ambulance and rescue applications, the aircraft is equipped with a remote pilot drone, and it is a very nice feature to help you more directly in case of an emergency. The number of such projects should increase.

Eos reminded me the movie Elysium, it is like a scene of it. Great project, I hope it will be completed very soon. Thanks for sharing.

What a great product. I would like to have experience with EOS (But I think we have to wait a little) Great hunt.

Wow this thing is outstanding.
Its like future is closer than we thought it is. Well We love to have these advance technologies in our world. Soon enough this world is going to be pretty different from now.
Great one!!!

When I saw eos , the first thing that came to my mind was the eos crypto lol .. This airship looks awesome too ..

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Great find. Very fascinating development in the drone industry.

Wow bro you always sharing the best projects and keeping us informed.
Thanks for sharing and inform us
It's like an improved version of the old zeppelins


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very biutifullle!