blackbullion - Control your money and improve your money management skills

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Control your money and improve your money management skills



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Suppose you are a business man and you have a lot of money, but you don't know how and where to spend/invest. Possibility is that one day you will loose if you don't plan to use money in right direction.

Blackbullion is there to help you control your money and above all you can manage you money. So it is all about the money management.


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I wish I may I have a business to use this blackbullion facility.nice idea to manage do have many options to save or spend money.

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I need this app @aamirijaz
I am not good in money management. I've visited the website, In this site everyone can learn everywhere and everytime about how to treat their money through in blogs tips, and email advice. But many apart of this site is designed for students and University for their education and research. I just noticed that's the symbol is not just Chinese people 😂 but also for globally wealth.


The most people who some of them have a lot of money, but they can not manage their financiakl budget. Because they have not a discipline. With this app they can manage their money

Managing money is really important. Earning money is really hard and sometimes people who has money they will just waste on things.

Good! A money management tool is very important in today's economy. Knowing what to do with money helps the money to grow instead of just putting them in a bank for bank to use.

With this, people can get ideas on what to spend their money on and get good returns on whatever they later decided to use the money for. Nice hunt!

I want this hunt to be on top ten lists hahaha :D

The management of your financial resources is one of the best management you could ever be good at. It's very important.
Thanks for Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all


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