Aerones firefighting drone - It can quickly reach great heights and endure heat in close

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Aerones firefighting drone

It can quickly reach great heights and endure heat in close



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Hunter's comment

It is my third hunt which has daily life use. Above all these drones should be deployed by the government to overcome the situation more quickly and efficiently.

This drone is designed by Aerones. It is safe, speedy and reachable to the heights. It is a firefighter drone.

The same drone has multi uses. It can be used for Wind Turbine Maintenance and Building cleaning.

It starts throwing water on the required place on command. It is easy to reach many places where manpower needs much time to reach. This drone can reach a 300m height in 6 minutes.

There are two hoses attached to the drone for water supply. In the classic approach, the firefighter can only reach about 70m height which is too low.

See comparison below:



Hunter: @aamirijaz

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Great hunt mate with the improving technology firefighters can be retire and we can use drones for fighting fire thanks for sharing


  • Daily life use.
  • Multiple uses.
  • reachable to the heights
  • speedy.


  • not found any.

I am happy to see that government is taking steps to built cool product like this drone. It is speedy it can reach to the height where human's can't reach easily. It a savoir. Cool hunt mate!

Aerones firefighting drone is a great innovation it can use in amegency conditions like fire and it take less time then humans to tackle these kinds of amergency..


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  • Pros.



easy to use.

Elegent design.

  • Cons.
    no one.

I love the idea of using drones to help saves lives and for emergency purposes. Using drones to extinguish fire is a brilliant idea as it safer, low risk and fast. Great hunt.

One of the best drone i have ever seen. here is my review.

  • Pros.
    Real life use.
    Fire fighter.
  • Cons.

excellent hunt. this will save victims in fire and firemen too. Risky jobs can be done with bots like this. great support for dealing with heights...

I'm sure the fireman in some cases would love to have had help from something like this but it begs the question as to will they become firefighters equipped to fly a drone from a far rather than practicing the skills it takes to do that job? Somewhat like our drones that are used in war zones but with that said a useful piece of equipment that could save lives.

This drone would be good for those hard to reach places that are incessible to the firemen.This is another great application for drone tech.

Great hunt @aamirijaz. Looks very amazing and very useful.

Wish you great success here and keep hunting useful products.


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excellent find! Should be of aid in many situations


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