WeWait - Customer service with no call holding. We do the waiting for

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Customer service with no call holding. We do the waiting for



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WeWait revolutionises the customer service experience via mobile applications and clever back end technology for today’s world with no call holding, efficient service and a clear visual path to prompt communication.

WeWait realises that everyone's most valuable resource is time and why in the 21st century should we have to waste that sat on hold to a company. WeWait delivers efficiency and leaves your time out of it!

No call waiting

Great customer support

Nice mobile application

Trusted app




Hunter: @aaeesha


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Wow! Nice!!! I hate to wait for the customer services!
This is very interesting!! Nice hunt.

this one seems interesting effort, calling customer care will be a bad experience in some time, if the caller is urgent mood, then it will spoil the day, they will attend the phone, enquires, looks for the details, connect to the relevant authority... and that authority is busy in another line. spoils everything. nice idea, nice hunt.

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