Triggmine - AI-powered email marketing for e-commerce

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AI-powered email marketing for e-commerce



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Triggmine is the first intelligent email marketing system that delivers true personalization in real time. With its help, even a beginner can send automated email sequences like pro guys do.

Powered by AI Tools

Automated tasks for the emails

Secured application

integrated with third party tools

Simple and reliable

email marketing made easy



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  • Email marketing for business to increase sales.

  • It has free trial so testing it out first is a good idea before purchasing something.


  • Nothing for this hunt.

Cool hunt mate.

I am thinking to learn Email marketing as well as e commerce and i have a plan to built an e commerce website in the future. hopefully it will help me a lot, i will check the free trial.


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(1) Automated emails can be sent by an ease.
(2) One can enhance his business and also can increase his sales with this.
(3) It also offers free trials.
(4) It is integrated with third party tool.
(5) It ensures secured application.

Thank you....steem on that hunt.

Its nice intelligent secured application of emails. Its good for email marketing, reliable and easy to use. Good hunt.

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