NicGrade - Automate customer life cycle to drive more sales

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Automate customer life cycle to drive more sales



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Marketing automation for your website, landing pages, widgets and CRM. Timely customer engagement with personalized emails, sms and other messages.

Great CRM Platform

Powered by BI Tools

Easy to access

Awesome lead managements

Comes with great landing page support

Automated campaigns available



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Getting to understand customers is essential for driving sales. NicGrade helps firms and companies to study and analyze customer trends in order to make the best decisions.

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Impressive hunt.

I think this app can be good for those who are working on CPA, Because the more sales you get, the more profit you get, i know some of my friends who are working on CPA, i will recommend this app to him.

I really like automation software but so much of it is a monthly subscription, it all makes me want to keep learning how to code my own scripts.

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