Galio framework - Free and Open Source React Native Framework

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Galio framework

Free and Open Source React Native Framework



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Galio is built by a team of highly passionate developers and designers. It is a 100% free and open source project, licensed under MIT License. You'll be building Android and iOS apps in style.

Galio will always remain free to use and it is powered by a massive world-wide community. It comes with a lot of carefully crafted, ready to be used components and a beautiful typography.

Comes with great base theme

Safe and secured platform

Can create and run your native apps easily.

Mobile apps faster than ever before.



Hunter: @aaeesha

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Impressive Hunt, Your Hunt just got Verified!

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We have a lot many people on my company working on Reach Native platform. I would definitely explore this platform along with them as it seems to streamline and speed-up the development process further.
Thanks for sharing this.

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