Razer Sila - A gaming-grade router for PCs, consoles, mobile

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Razer Sila

A gaming-grade router for PCs, consoles, mobile



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Hunter's comment

Razer Released the Razer Sila, a powerful and high-performance new WiFi router optimized for gaming,downloading multimedia conten and streaming. Razer Sila is focused on giving players a reliable and fast WiFi connection for interruption-free streaming and smooth, lag-free gaming.


The Razer Sila router with feature technologies to further aid a quality connection. It will feature Razer FasTrack, Mesh capability with a dedicated backhaul, Multi-Channel ZeroWait DFS. On the other hand it can even be setup and managed through an easy to use smartphone application.


▶ Simplified app setup via iOS or Android
▶ Isolated guest network support
▶ Multi-user MIMO
▶ Intelligent active steering


➡ 11ac 5GHz-2: up to 866 Mbps
➡ 11n 2.4GHz: up to 400 Mbps
➡ Tri-Band AC3000





Hunter: @a-0-abul


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Gamers who love plahing live games will benefit from this. The fast downloading of this rputer is what interest me most. Nice hunt!

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Aww awesome hunt
Great design and colour
Basically black is my favorite colour

I think this Router is amazing, using the Razer Sila Router I can download easily and smoothly and is very optimal for games. thank you for your great hunt