Steem Humans : 5 Questions With @surpassinggoogle From @muhammadroni

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For all who know her, @surpassinggoogle, is the best soul that I or you will ever meet in your life. You might even wonder how rare it is to find someone similar to him. We chatted occasionally in Discord and the things he was telling or advising me were always very helpful and inspiring. That day, when I entered into my dispute to read this message from him and his plans to do the Steem Humans series and he has asked me to answer these 5 questions with little thought, more like an answer in place and I am more excited again

1. Who are you?
I have a dream to be great and find success in the real world. I do not mean this or measure this success on a monetary scale. I want to be great at what I do and the insider sought. I want to inspire people. I always wanted to write and become a published author someday. A writer whose books are owned by people on their favorite list. Steemit has helped me a lot in covering up and paying my bills on time and although I want to have as much power as I can and I try (in 251 SP now).
The things I do not like about myself are my inability to say "NO" to people, which are sometimes necessary.
The unique thing about me is that I live in a fantasy world and take things very positively no matter how gloomy it is.
Something that people may not know about me is the fact that I am so obsessed with having everything right. I need things to be in a certain order and can not see them any other way

2.What do I write most about my blog on Steemit?
I am very bad at drawing and writing sir. I like Drawing and Photography Pak. That's why I post here a photo of everything I like. Every time I go, I capture that moment & post it here. I love sharing photos about @surpassinggoogle and with people in this community.
I like to draw doodle or cartoon characters. I know my picture is not good but I always try to make the best picture. I also draw a picture of tears for you, sir like my picture I have ever post.

3. How did you find Steemit and did it have been your bus stop and why did it become your bus stop?
I read an article in the local paper about Steem meeting and so I came to Steemit. It is indeed a stop for my bus because if I do not spend my time reading books or doing housework, I will be at Steemit browsing and reading.

4. Is there one person in Steemit, whom I can say, "as long as this person stays in Steemit and remains active I will also remain active in Steemit" and who.
It is very difficult to answer the question because there are many people I need to activate in steemit. You can ask me why. Because in less than two months I know many people in this community.
This is my good friend @lightsplasher I just want to say that my friend is very good, I never see a sincere heart like @lightsplasher . He is very helpful to me and others who are in steemit to survive in the steemit community. And I always look at it or appreciate it. I just want to say that my best friend is always healthy and successful.
For @surpassinggoogle you taught me how to set up something very amazing to help people very well. You are a true inspiration to me, sir. I am lucky to be a part of this community and thank you for being here. I always support you @surpassinggoogle.

5. If you only have one shot on "breakthrough" and that is "your next steemit post", what will you write about?
I will write a remarkable work of fiction. It may take time but something so beautifully written that it flows