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What is it?

Steemhost is a website which works within the Steem blockchain environment but opens up new opportunities for both visitors as well as people in the Steem community who wish to encourage more people to participate.

What new opportunities are available?

Steemhost is readily available to all members of the Steem community. If you are a member just go to Initially you will only see your posts without anything branding it as "your" site. Simply register and take control of your branding.

Why is Branding Important?>

While and are important pieces in the environment featuring all users in the steem environment, Steemhost offers businesses, organizations and individuals to set up a page which is primarily focused on specifically on them.

What other opportunities are available?

Steemhost introduces the concept of advertising into the space. Unlike Facebook which takes all of the advertising revenue, hosts are encouraged to solicit their own advertisers (setting their own price) and visitors and hosts are rewarded for visiting Steemhost sites.

What do you mean by Rewards?

When a visitor views a hosted site, a single banner advertisement appears at the very top. Just by viewing the banner and by visiting the promoted site (by clicks) the visitor and the host receive their reward (at the end of the day). This reward is in the form of steem power delegation. If the visitor is not a steemian ... the visitor reward is also delegated to the host.

Why Steem Delegation? Why not pay in Steem or SBD?

I think all of us want the Steem environment to do well and the community to grow. Using Steem as the currency to pay for advertisements helps to increase the demand and consequently the value of Steem. If it was immediately paid out, this demand would be diluted ... people would sell their Steem for cash. If they receive delegated Steem Power, it is only useful in rewarding their own and other's posts. An interesting side benefit has to do with dealing with taxes. If a person was paid in Steem or SBD, this falls under taxable income. Delegated Steem Power is valueless ... it requires a person to generate content to accrue taxable income.

To see an example of a Hosted Site ... Click here ...

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Do you have a suggestion?

What do you think about the front page on It is a work in progress but I hope that it a step in the right direction.

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