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But... isn't a six-shooter a revolver?

Both the Character and his gun were nicknamed the Six Shooter. His horse was called Scar. Possibly his rifle was called Bruce... or maybe not. If you are a fan of Jimmy Stewart the actor, I encourage you to listen to these when you are filling in time.

Ah, okay. That makes sense. Thanks for the clarification. I probably should have known this since my wife is a huge Jimmy Stewart fan.

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I have been posting these for a couple of weeks now. If your wife is interested, she can search for "Six Shooter" on The search there is targets only the profile that you are in.

I had been unaware that Stewart had a radio show. I hope your wife will share the same enjoyment as when I found it.

Oh it's a radio show that he did? That's neat! I'll have to check it out and let her know.

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