How to Change an Account's Posting Key

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If you are paranoid like me, you can make a posting key that should allow you to log into the website without entering the private key that grants full control of your account.

First, make a new key pair with suggest_brain_key, let's imagine it looks like this:

  "wif_priv_key": "5STEEMPOSTINGPRIVATEKEY",

Now, save the private key (wif_priv_key) securely.

Take the public key (pub_key and use it as the 5th argument to update_account.

We'll pretend we are updating the account steemit:

update_account steemit "" STM65wH1LZ7BfSHcK69SShnqCAH5xdoSZpGkUjmzHJ5GCuxEK9V5G STM65wH1LZ7BfSHcK69SShnqCAH5xdoSZpGkUjmzHJ5GCuxEK9V5G STM65wH1LZ7BfSHcK69SShnqCAH5xdoSZpGkUjmzHJ5GCuxEK9V5G STMPOSTINGPUBLICKEY STM65wH1LZ7BfSHcK69SShnqCAH5xdoSZpGkUjmzHJ5GCuxEK9V5G true

In this example, the owner of the steemit account would sign in to with the the private key 5STEEMPOSTINGPRIVATEKEY.

So if there is some spyware in one's browser, the most it can do is post some spam and not actually spend any STEEM owned by the account.


For the truly paranoid, you should update the owner key and write the private key down on paper. This way even if your active key is compromised, no one can touch your Steem Power (aka Vesting Steem).

If someone did attempt to power down your account (withdraw the vesting Steem) then you would have ample time to detect it and use your Owner Key to update your permissions.

Can someone ELI5 this for slow people like me using Windows?

I'm unskilled steemit user. Could you tell me please, where can i see that owner key and if i detect someone who attempt power down, how can i update owner key ?

FYI: If you change your post key, you cannot transfer/vest in, since your active key is different from your post key.

Please I'm still lost on this issue on passwords. I have gotten my posting keys today after weeks of login using generated keys given at the time of registration. How do I get my owner's key and active key?

Does it still work? @steemed

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