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RE: Steem for Noobs

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I don't quite get how you get steem power for voting and posting. I have a post with over $4000, but my steem power is still at 10.335 STEEM, up from 10 when I joined. It seems to tick up slowly every few minutes, but I don't see any clear gains from any actions.


First payout will be at 4th of July, after that day payouts will be at a daily basis

Awesome. Thanks!

You get SP for just having SP. The value of the post contains the value of SP influence voters have. Someone with a lot of SP that votes for your post will increase the value of the post.

"Because by holding Steem Power you are given some of the Steem that are created each second as more Steem Power" - does that mean that if i have a lot of SP -> each second i will get Steem that will be automatically converted into more SP?

Do you know what is the SP to upvote influence ratio?