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so i feel like i still don't really know what are some perks if you will of steemit. I really want to get connected more on the community with music or just people around the world in general. i want others insight and tips anything is appreciated. the time has come for me to sit back and take advice from my fellow steemit users anything would be helpful it doesnt even have to be anything that great just some pages to like and friendly advice thanks guys.


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Connect with some people through following them, then write about what is really alive for you, what is your heart telling you?

You can find posts that interest you through searching by tag (there is a menu on the top right of the screen) Don’t just go for the trending posts, you can also choose ‘new’ instead of ‘trending’ to see all posts

Don’t worry about being popular, if you find and connect to some people that are likeminded to you through commenting on their posts, you can make the right connections. Then they will start to follow you and see your posts.

You can use photo’s and longer stories to express yourself more clearly. Wishing you a great success! 😊


Thank you very much @verbaldancing. i appreciate you taking the time out to reply, do you mind if i follow you? i wasnt hoping for any real type of popularity either my buddy showed me the site and it looks really cool everyone connecting together and sharing actual things feeling and videos. A lot of them are very helpful articles too so theres just a different type of social media where we can help more too.


Yes great, of course you are welcome to explore my posts! They are a spontanious sharing, creating a reflective space for myself and others.

Yes definitely we can all share our truth, when you follow people that you’ve got a connection with, you’ll see their posts in your feed. It’s a really good way to keep in touch, but just follow the ones you really like and connect with. I you follow too many (thousands of people) you’ll lose track.

Anyway, it would be great and feels like it’s time to get your message out, bhart! My advice is, connect to others by commenting on their posts, make these connections and follow some more people (maybe 40 to 50 or so) and then really start to post about your dreams. If you write about what you want to do, you can create it. For example, if you want to make music, you can write about existing songs that you like, possible lyrics, inspirations etc.


That’s one day a dream of mine I’ve been pursuing music since I was a teenager and it would be awesome to connect with them and see what their writing methods or rituals if you will but like I said everyone should be heard not just me if you have a voice speak if he hath ears let him hear right lol