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Steemit bots Upvoters. . .

In case you need a push in your hard and time consuming content, here is a little help but need to invest. Try to choose which is which!



send a minimum of 1sbd to booster with memo url of your story to be upvoted. As simply as that. You need to wait at least 2 hours before your upvotes arrive. Check its blog site also for more info



commonly used bots i think. Just send 1 sbd to randowhale with memo of your post url, instantly your upvotes arrive. Checks its blog post for more



same as @booster that needs window. But send a minimum of 0.1 sbd to discordia with post url to be upvoted. Check its blogpost for more! Try it if you can



also needs to wait at leat 2 hours before upvotes delivered. Send a minimum of 0.15 sbd to bellyrub with memo of your post url to be bids. Gud luck! Check its blog post



this is new to me. If you wanna try, check at his blog. Minimum sbd to send is 0.1 sbd



just send a minimum of 0.5 sbd to minnowbooster with memo of your post url. You will have a self upgoat. You can lease steem power at 1 steem for 65 sp in a week. Check its blog for more detail.


I want you also to invite you in my curation trail =, and hope you will support my BOAT project!Upvotes are set in order not to hurt your voting power

I will auto UPBOAT your post or upvote as I follow you also!

I will REBOAT your post, or I will resteem it! Just Send 0.1 to 0.6 sbd to albertvhons with memo of post url to be resteem. It is recommended that at least 3 hours to 4 days of age shall be resteem

Update on my boats; albertvhons: vp 52.20%; 584 votes today; 455 votes yesterday; 100% in 2 days


Follow @albertvhons
I want you to ride in my boat!🚣

To all my followers, i will send 0.001 sbd as thanks giving soon!


Thank you sir @albertvhons for the sbd so much appreciated po godbless.

Im afraid of doing these things though, do you think its worth it?

That depends on what purpose you might want! Sometimes its worth, sometimes not!g

I'm just scared I do it and it doesn't work

Minnowbooster and randowhale will deffo give you more than you put in.

The main purpose of this bots is a lift up, so that your post is more favorable with high starting potential rewards. Others try to used it for an advantage!

Thank you for you information. Nice Post

Your welcome!✌

i just upvoted. am new pls consider check my introduction post thanks

I will look into it👍

Great post - I think you forgot @banjo

I don't know any Harrys.

lol - what about Harry Potter?

I don't like the movies, but the books are good.

I'll stay a little longer. What will we talk about?

Where are you from?

From Indonesia. What about you?

Ahm, banjo is not bot to upvote with fees, so i did not include @banjo here

No thank you I didn't think I was.

well you have to make a payment before you can use Banjo, ain't that right @banjo

You made the point. It is to convince the other person that they have made a good point.

I don't think I'm happy with my boyfriend.

Boyfriend? You are a girl?

Yes, why?

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Yes, please stay in my boat!👍