The Ongoing Adventures of the Steem Gnome

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The Gnome is Steeming on! His adventures so far has taken him all over the Freedom Tower and he especially enjoyed the view from so high up. He asked what the landmass to the west was and scoffed when I told him it was New Jersey. Apparently, he thought NJ was only a myth created by the hair product industry.

He wanted some shots to share with the Steemit Community and demanded that any pics, gifs, video, etc be made freely available for use. So please feel free to use any of the creative assets on this and any other Steem Gnome post.

Due to my now clearing illness, I wasn't able to take the Steem Gnome to all the places he wanted to go. I promised to take him this weekend but that didn't sate his wanderlust. In fact he became so irate that he was quite the rude houseguest.

See, I'm no stranger to gnomes and even have a few that live with me and @drbaker86 so we know what a well behaved gnome looks like. Maybe it's because this particular gnome is from Steemit and that's why it's so territorial but suffice to say that until he goes, he's the head gnome around Harlem.

Looking back, I should've told him there were other gnomes about, my bad. Don't worry, the gnome in the video is on a solid path to recovery and is made of felt.

Stay tuned for this weekend, when the Steem Gnome takes on famous New York City Landmarks! There's also a rumor that @andrarchy has been asking around the City for the gnome, so we're going to be investigating that as well. Don't miss it!

All of the images and gifs in this post are made by me but absolutely free to use in any way. Go ahead and use em!

@stellabelle if you like any of these please add them to your giphy album :) I'm going to be making more.

Thank you for spending time here

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Looks like he's having fun , amazing views!


He's enjoying himself so far, and I'm enjoying having him around :)

Haha, splendid stuff. He has a ride look about him in not surprised by his behaviour!!


He's bad to the ... plastic

ah cool! I was thinking of the Steemy guy today! Nice work!


Sadly, all tickets for the Statue of Liberty are sold through March so it looks like a museum weekend

Are you going to get a "Steem Gnome vs Felt Gnome" UFC Fight on Steemsports? It looks like they've been sparring and might be ready to mix it up in the big gym!


That would be celebrity death match awesomeness haha



How fun ;) I wonder if being around you has turned the gnome into a poet yet? Some @prufarchy inspired poetry written by the steemit gnome would be awesome ;)