The Gnome and the Cats

in steemgnome •  2 years ago 

Gnomes and cats have a notoriously shaky relationship. Gnomes apparently get along with most animals, but the housecat is dangerous even in comparison to wild predators. Unfortunately, today's work schedule didn't allow anyone to accompany my travels, so he tried his best to make friends here at home.

He seemed to get along fine with the yellow cat, despite the latter's cabin fever and desire to play with anything small that moves.

Warm kitty, soft kitty

The gray cat is a bit of a huntress, and was also perhaps a bit irritated that he tried lounging in her cat toy. ACTION SHOT!

little ball of hate

No gnomes were harmed (much) in the production of this post. His hat was nearly stolen though. He will be avoiding their company as a general precaution from here on.

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that picture of your ginger cat makes me miss my ginger cat!
great pics and clever steemit pipe! lol


@Stellabelle is the one responsible for the pipe, I think.