Steem Gnome Found Jesus!

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A mysterious package arrived today via FedEx. Within was the biggest celebrity on Steemit - THE STEEM GNOME! And shortly after I opened the box, he found Jesus!


Plus Batman, Bart Simpson, and Donald Duck, of course. I don't know what his religious beliefs are, since he is rather silent on that matter as with all others, but he definitely found the dollar store figurines I blogged about a few days ago.

Thanks to @Stellabelle and @Prufarchy! He may find his way into the library. Time - and photos, never fear - will tell.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

As I know, Gnomes believe in Mother Earth. Gnomes are a family of three main species. One you find in nearly every German garden, the other living and working beneath the surface, to collect noble metals, gems and cristal. The third one is living together with Santa Claus at the north pole. All of them believe in the big crystal only, as the pure epiphany of Mother Earth. In the night, when humans are sleeping, they have gatherings to prize Mother Earth. We call a gnome „Zwerg“ and this one in the picture, is a specimen of the Gartenzwerge (subst., pl.) – Garden–Gnomes.

I'm sorry to tell this, yours is a fake Gartenzwerg because normally they are made of pug and doesn't travel because their place is in the garden only. Always standing in an area, just where the neighbours coming by and have a look how tidy this garden is made. They are annoying a litte bit. When I am passing by, they are always asking how my garden is made. „Is it well done as ours? Are you gardening at all? Are you German? Oh, our garden is made much more better than yours!“ And so on. They are talking a lot of stuff like this. I don't like them very much but even my family has one of them standing beside the doorway. You can't avoid their coming on the scene. But ours is a fake too. It is made of hard rubber and so I am pretty sure, he is not talking at all.

Steemit Gnome is looking pretty well-rested. He's ready for some adventures now! Enjoy your time with your special guest! Watch out that he doesn't get hold of your Steemit keys, though! ; )

Very much looking forward to his ongoing adventures

Judging by the picture, I think the Gnome religious beliefs might be classified as GNOsticisM. On one side there is Jesus, on the other the dark Knight & Bart, and in front of him there is the wacky ducktrine.

me da un poco de miedo esto :v


Usted debería ser.

Did Google Translate get that right?

aha what a nice idea!

yes!!!!! Happy to see the little guy again!!!!!
I have his evil sister, should i send her out?

no idea what this gif is, but here you go:


I think I can make hair or tail of it: that's golden head & showers!

add your name to him, that was the original idea.....i don't want mine to be the only one on his clothes...


If I can find it, I plan to pin on a library button I have knocking around here somewhere. I can write my handle on that too.

People have been looking all over for that guy! WTG Steem Gnome!

This is awesome!