A Surprise Visit From: The Steem Gnome

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Every Thursday night is Game Night at our house. This extended evening consists of table top gaming of the board or card variety, food that is probably not great for any human to ingest, and then the night progresses to gaming of the console kind until the twilight hours of the morning. I was summoned out of my bedroom upon the arrival of our weekly gaming victims, um, what I meant to say is that our friends showed up. Look who greeted me from my kitchen counter:

I felt a little uncomfortable having the fellow observe the game over my shoulder from the counter, so I invited him to get more involved in the first game of the night, Oregon Trail. He obliged:

I can happily say that the Steem Gnome did not get dysentery and die. As for the rest of us...Snake bites, dysentery, and typhoid galore!

The Gnome doesn't say much, but I swore that I saw his smile widen when I engaged in some maniacal meaness as I played a black and blue deck in our weekly round of Magic Commander. He might even have emitted a beard-rustling guffaw as I continually had @jacobtothe mill cards from his deck.

The Steem Gnome can crash game night at my house any time! He was a great guest, and far from loquacious to be sure. I can't wait to see where those peering little blue eyes end up next!

Special thanks to @jacobtothe for bringing his very special house guest along for a visit, and to @stellabelle for his origin!

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where is Steem Gnome?

@jacobtothe sent him on his way ages ago! I hope his travel arrangements didn't include him getting lost in transit!

Ah, I suspected that Jacob brought him along!